Mossie – born to work sheep!

Mossie - Born to work sheep.
This is Mossie – one of the survivors of Jill and Eli’s litter which met with tragedy in March.

One of the most naturally talented puppies we’ve ever had is Mossie. She was born on 29th January and can already get the sheep in by herself.

Mossie’s parents are Jill and Eli.

We don’t normally recommend allowing sheepdog puppies to work sheep because of the very high risk of them losing their confidence if the sheep challenge or frighten them in any way.

Our sheep are selected specially for sheepdog training and are extremely unlikely to seriously challenge any dog, so when Mossie showed complete confidence around them, we allowed matters to develop.

At just 17 weeks. Mossie can get all of our 26 sheep into the yard. OK, it’s not pretty but she’ll keep them together and gets the job done.

Sheepdog puppy Mossie learns to keep her sheep together
Mossie learning to keep her sheep together.

One of the biggest problems with Mossie has been to stop her running off and fetching the sheep when she’s supposed to be at play with the other dogs but she’s improving every day now and seems to understand the difference between work and play.

Mossie is one of only two surviving pups from a disaster which happened to Jill’s litter. Find out more.



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