Molly Completes Our Kelpie Trio

Molly is a red and tan Kelpie puppy aged eight weeks

Molly joins us as Kelpie number three!

Molly the kelpie pup asleep under the picnic table in our garden

We’re very pleased to welcome our latest Kelpie puppy Molly to join our other Kelpies Will and Tucker, as trainee sheep and cattle herding dogs.

Mollie is super-obedient at the moment, a real pleasure to have around but of course, she’s only been with us for a few days. Once she begins to settle in fully and gain confidence, we’ll see the true picture.

For now though, Molly’s content to eat as much as she possibly can, and then sleep it off until there’s some action.

Tucker is a very handsome black and tan Kelpie puppy

She loves to join in with the fun whether it’s in the yard with the collie puppies we have at the moment, or out in the field with the big dogs when they go out for their twice daily runs.

Tucker is Molly’s best friend at the moment.

He’s very gentle with her (most of the time) and has been very useful with helping her to settle in quickly.

Will is a very handsome young Kelpie sheep herding dog

Our oldest Kelpie Will has also made friends with Molly and he’s actually very gentle with her, but when he rushes towards her, his sheer size overwhelms her and she’s frightened of him! Not to worry though, as each day goes by, she’s learning that even though he seems very big, he only wants to play

Will has already had one or two training sessions and we’ll be including these in our sheepdog training tutorial videos very soon. We can’t wait to get started with training Tucker – and Molly too, of course!


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