Mew’s update!

A close-up photo of Mew - a very fluffy tri-colour border collie sheepdog puppy, with frost on her face.

The weather’s turned chilly, but Mew’s not bothered!

One of the less well known but nonetheless amusing sides of puppy rearing, is the way the youngsters seem to grow in stages.

Close-up of a young border collie with one ear up and the other down
Hector’s ears went awry for a few weeks when he was growing up, but they soon sorted themselves out (Click to enlarge)

The most obvious example of this can be the ears, but often the front legs grow later than the back ones, or the body seems quite large, while the head is still small – and so on. Fortunately, all is usually nicely balanced again by the time the dog reaches maturity.

The fastest growing part of young Mew seems to be her coat at the moment. She really is remarkably fluffy, and a light sprinkling of this morning’s frost, set her fluffiness off beautifully. That thick coat will no doubt keep her nice and warm through the coming winter months.

Mew is one of Meg and Ezra‘s latest litter and of course, granddaughter of the sadly missed Mel.




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