ME? . . . a BLOGGER?

Andy sitting at a picnic bench, looking quizzically at Kay who's face is extremely close to his!
Andy with Kay during the shooting of the introductory sequence for our successful sheepdog training DVD – First Steps in Border Collie Sheepdog Training.

I wonder how many of our readers shared the same new year experience as me years ago? Each year one member of the family or other was sure to give me a diary and my reaction was always a mixture of delight and guilt. I really wanted to keep a regular diary, but knew only too well that it probably wasn’t going to happen.

So as one who’s tried so many times to keep a diary, and usually failed before the end of the first month, it’s something of a surprise to find myself setting about the ambitious task of creating a blog.

Gill and I actually began writing a blog in early January last year, but by the middle of July it fizzled out! We were distracted by the arrival of our first Kelpie and optimistically embarked on keeping a record of his training – hence the Kelpie vs Collie Training Blog which has proved to be one of our most read, and most controversial web pages.

This time though, we really are determined to put up a better show. The entries certainly won’t appear every day but we both hope there will be a minimum of one entry per week. There are so many things going on every day here, it would be a pity not to share some of them with our visitors.


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