After so many, we still get excited about a lovely new dog

Perhaps the novelty doesn’t ever wear off!

Young black and white border collie
Kim’s such a lively, happy little dog; a joy to have around

Last Saturday we welcomed Kim to our pack, and we’re both looking forward to working with her.

Kim came to our attention in a training class a couple of months ago. Over lunch, Andy gave me the run through the day’s dogs (as I always insist he does). He paused, before adding: “But there’s one here that I REALLY like.”

It wasn’t Kim’s skill that made her stand out, but her attitude to her work, and her determination. At a little over six months of age, Kim was displaying everything we like in a young dog, coupled with the sort of style that makes you stand and watch.

Sometimes an exaggerated style can suggest a weak dog, but this couldn’t be further from the truth with Kim. She moves in the way that only a little skinny, smooth-coated, confident Border collie (with big ears) can move, and I have to admit – we love it.

Kim came to a couple of classes, and did nothing to diminish Andy’s admiration for her.

Smooth coated female Border collie
New girl Kim – we love those ears

Last weekend, Kim’s handler told us that the farm where he works has made the decision to go out of sheep altogether, leaving Kim without a job: “Might you be interested?” he asked. What a pity that we’d made the resolution to reduce the number of young dogs (you’d be tempted to think). Needless to say, Kim moved in about 24 hours later.

At 8 months Kim’s still a puppy, and loves to play with Madge and Preston – the nearest dogs to her age; the three of them are forming a sub-pack of smoothies. Madge is occasionally left out, Preston’s so impressed with this exotic older woman he wants her to himself, but they get along very well and all benefit from their new alliance.

Group of border collies playing
Kim, eyeing up Madge and showing her style

Since Saturday, Kim’s been to the sheep a couple of times, just for a few minutes, but long enough to prove that her determination to work and her style are just as we remembered them.

Naturally, we’re excited about all our dogs; whenever we buy a new dog it’s because we can see potential in it, or feel we can improve its lot in life in one way or another, but we don’t usually argue about whose name the new dog will be registered in, or who’s going to train it!

(Of course, there IS no argument – she’s mine. Only I know where we keep the transfer forms.)



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