Little Big Dog – This is Chester

Chihuahua x Papillon, Chester is one of the nicest dogs you could wish to meet

Chester is one of the nicest little dogs you could wish to meet

Chester’s a black white and tan Papillon x Chihuahua and so small that many people don’t take him seriously, but he’s a big dog at heart.

Close-up photo of Chester the Papillon x Chihuahua
Chester is one of the nicest, most obedient dogs we’ve had. (Click to enlarge photo).

When the fields are muddy and there’s water everywhere, you can guarantee “Chez” will be right there with the border collies, with mud up to his back, paddling, jumping and running with the big dogs and taking no nonsense from them.

He would gather sheep too. When he was younger, Chester would run down the field in a pear-shaped outrun and bring the sheep back to us, but unfortunately, they soon realised his 125mm (5″) legs, couldn’t keep up if they ran away – and poor Chester gave up. He’ll still help Gill when she gets the sheep in, but this is more of a driving operation, than gathering. If the sheep don’t want to go into the enclosure, Chester’s only too pleased to run at them barking. He rarely fails.

I have to admit, he’s a little “trigger-happy” when it comes to barking, but generally, he’s incredibly obedient, and at least we know that if there’s an intruder around, he’ll let us know! He’s a plucky little chap, too. Despite his tiny stature, there’s not a dog on the place that will take a bone away from Chester!




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