Kelpie vs collie sheepdog training comparison

Which will prove easier to train, and which will make the better sheepdog, Australian Kelpie Red or Border Collie Mossie?

Border Collie or Kelpie which is best?

Kelpie v Collie (1) Sheepdog Training Comparison

Kelpie-Collie sheepdog training comparison, which should not be taken as a definitive guide. Page 1 of 14 Working Kelpie sheepdogs are now in common use throughout the UK and there’s a healthy debate over which makes the best sheepdog. To shed some light on the matter for ourselves, we decided to train a Kelpie along … Read more
Photo of a Kelpie pup chasing some rather worried looking sheep

Kelpie v Collie (2) Red and Mossie’s Training So Far…

Page 2 of 14 – go to page 1 Red’s work We dont normally allow a pup of Red’s age to go near sheep because a threatening sheep can permanently ruin a dog’s confidence, but when we collected Red, he’d already been to sheep. The farmer (Meirion) demonstrated this as you’ll see from the picture, … Read more
Close photo looking under a border collie at Kelpie Red eating a bone

Kelpie v Collie (3) Red & Mossie’s Progress

Page 3 of 14 – go to page 1 Red’s progress This picture will tell you how Red’s settling in! He’s playing with Mossie who is ten weeks older, and much larger. Red was never going to be short of confidence but his first few days here were naturally cautious. Now, he’s quite full of … Read more
Kelpie Red's growing up

Kelpie v Collie (4) Finding their Feet and Growing!

Page 4 of 14 – go to page 1 Red keeps improving Red’s finding his feet now. He’s mixing with all the dogs and is not afraid of any of them despite some quite rough playing. At last he’s trotting happily into his pen (rather than having to be carried in every time) and when … Read more
Kelpie Red's growing up

Kelpie v Collie (5) Growing Up & Starting Work

Page 5 of 14 – go to page 1 Red’s film star look Red’s certainly not shy when it comes to posing for the camera. (Click the image for a larger version). What a well behaved little chap he is. Apart from a passion for being heard, Red’s no trouble at all. He’s eager to … Read more
Photo of Kelpie Red holding a small bunch of sheep to trainer, Andy

Kelpie v Collie (6) Red Shows Determination

Page 6 of 14 – go to page 1 Red’s five months old now. The changes in him are noticeable almost daily. Although he’s very active and would apparently play all day, he’s curiously obedient. Where collies may have to be told several times, it seems Red learns immediately. When corrected, he’ll sometimes look thoughtful … Read more
Kelpie Red training to work sheep

Kelpie v Collie (7) Red’s Promising, Mossie’s Unbelievable!

Page 7 of 14 – go to page 1 An amazing little dog At just over five months of age, Red’s really taken us by surprise. This picture shows him circling his sheep a couple of days ago. (Click the image for a larger version). We’ve taken him to sheep a few times and to … Read more
Photo of Kelpie Red looking into the distance

Kelpie v Collie (8) Lack of Dedication & Inconsistency

Page 8 of 14 – go to page 1 Red’s capable, but can’t really be bothered I’m sorry if this isn’t what you Kelpie fans want to hear, but I’m being absolutely honest here. Yep – he’s a great character.Yep – he’s a joy to have around.Yep – he’s (usually) very obedient.Yep – he can … Read more
Red enthusiastically gathering sheep

Kelpie v Collie (9) A Rest Brings Out a Good Change

Page 9 of 14 – go to page 1 OK, ok . . . (maybe I was wrong)! There appears to have been a fairly serious development in Red’s training. Since the last blog, he escaped from the yard more than once, and proved to us that he’s quite capable of concentrating on his work … Read more
Photo of Border Collie pup Mossie running in an orchard

Kelpie v Collie (10) Update From Mossie’s New Owner

Page 10 of 14 – go to page 1 Mossie Update (from her new owner). Mossie at work before she went to live on Exmoor. Mossie’s doing really well – very rarely nipping and with a nicely developing outrun. She’s still a bit sticky on ‘come-bye’ occasionally but she’ll walk up to the sheep and … Read more
Red with some of the other dogs enjoying the hard frost

Kelpie v Collie (11) Red’s Recent Sessions Disappointing

Page 11 of 14 – go to page 1 The normally temperate UK is currently locked in what for us is a serious freeze. Red and the other dogs are having a wonderful time though. For them, it seems to be all play and no work because we’ve suspended sheepdog training while the weather is … Read more
Kelpie Red enjoying the heavy frost

Kelpie v Collie (12) Red’s Gone Back to Wales!

Page 12 of 14 – go to page 1 Sorry – no more Kelpies for us! Through no fault of his own, we’ve returned Red to his breeder in Mid Wales. We love the dog and will miss him, but dogs are our living and training Red has proved time consuming and frustrating. Red’s breeder … Read more