Kelpie v Collie (10) Update From Mossie’s New Owner

Photo of Border Collie pup Mossie running in an orchard

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Mossie Update (from her new owner).

Mossie at work before she went to live on Exmoor.

Mossie’s doing really well – very rarely nipping and with a nicely developing outrun. She’s still a bit sticky on come-bye occasionally but she’ll walk up to the sheep and has got a great stop. At the end of a session she’ll walk away when I’ve convinced her it’s over.

Last Thursday I wanted to get 20 ewes into the shed to load for market. It was the first proper test for her and apart from putting them back in the field after she’d got them out (which was purely my fault for not moving away from the gate) she performed superbly. The sheep went off unstressed. A job well done.

She’s a lovely dog and has fitted into family life, and village life, really well. She’s now the children’s favourite dog too. No mean achievement.
Our grateful thanks to Jon from Skilgate, Exmoor for the lovely update on Mossie.

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