Kelpie v Collie (3) Red & Mossie’s Progress

Close photo looking under a border collie at Kelpie Red eating a bone

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Red’s progress

Border Collie and Kelpie puppies standing on their hind legs, play-fighting

This picture will tell you how Red’s settling in! He’s playing with Mossie who is ten weeks older, and much larger.

Red was never going to be short of confidence but his first few days here were naturally cautious. Now, he’s quite full of himself and making his mark. Initially, his barking increased along with his confidence but he’s learned it brings him no result and he’s quieter now.

We’re very pleased with Red. He’s been to sheep once, and we’re careful to keep him away from aggressive sheep as they could damage his confidence.

Mossie’s progress

A very alert looking Mossie running in the long grass

At just under 6 months of age, Mossie’s turning into a lovely young dog.

She’s growing in confidence and obedience every day and there’s certainly no hurry to get her trained on sheep (she’s still very young).

Mossie continues to be a delight to us. She’s naturally obedient, eager to please, and yet really enjoys herself along the way.


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