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A 1-2-1 Training Session with a Kelpie

Training a Kelpie to work sheep

In the picture, Kay’s keeping a careful watch as Working Kelpie Mollie learns to give her sheep more room. Kay’s exceptionally useful for keeping the sheep together for a trainee sheepdog, but she was hardly needed at all today, once Molly had learned to keep the sheep together without assistance.

When Paul and Sarah Marsh arrived here for sheepdog training today, I had no idea their two year old dog was a Kelpie, so naturally I was a little apprehensive when they explained that Molly was running straight at the sheep and wouldn’t go around them.

Not only that, she was hard to stop and worked very fast, much too close to her sheep.

My fears were unfounded. Mollie proved to be an excellent student and after a little coaching, Paul was able to get her under control around the sheep.

Quite soon, Paul and Molly were working on our more flighty hoggs and provided Paul was vigilant, the pair were quickly able to move the sheep in a controlled manner anywhere in the field.

Fully focussed

A Kelpie keeping control of its sheep

Paul teaches Molly to gather sheep off a fence (left). Molly was reluctant at first but quickly gained confidence, peeling sheep away from the fence even if they were huddled against it.

What impressed me most about Molly was her total concentration on her work. It wasn’t until she’d worked for well over an hour that she showed even the slightest sign of distraction. (This in stark contrast to my reports on Red in previous blogs). Molly was an absolute star, and I would have no hesitation in saying she will go on to make a first class sheepdog.

Our thanks to Paul and Sarah Marsh for giving us permission to use these pictures of Paul training Kelpie sheepdog Molly.


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