Kelpie v Collie (5) Growing Up & Starting Work

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Red’s film star look

Kelpie Red's growing up

Red’s certainly not shy when it comes to posing for the camera. (Click the image for a larger version). What a well behaved little chap he is. Apart from a passion for being heard, Red’s no trouble at all. He’s eager to please and very quick to learn. We particularly like the way he greets us – excited and very happy, but not demanding our attention.

He’s been to sheep just once in the past month, and a very impressive session it was too. Although he charged straight through the sheep, I was able to stop him on the other side of them, and he brought them calmly back to me. Once the sheep were close, I was able to get Red flanking in both directions – and if I lost sight of him at any time, I could tell exactly where he was by the barking.

Our delight with this dog increases daily and his work shows great promise. He’s also one of the most courageous dogs we’ve ever known – but I’ll tell you about that next time!

Mossie’s 7 months old!

Mossie and Red play-fighting over a football

Next to working sheep, Mossie loves nothing more than sparring with her best pal, Red.

She’s “officially” been to sheep twice in the past four weeks and is making very good progress. Unofficially, she’s taken it upon herself to make sure they stay at the bottom of the field when we have all the dogs out. If the sheep graze a little too close to the main pack of dogs, Mossie will chase them back to their rightful place and then return to the other dogs without being told.

Still growing fast, Mossie’s sheep work is excellent and Red’s got a lot to live up to if he’s going to make a better sheepdog than Mossie!

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