Kelpie v Collie (4) Finding their Feet and Growing!

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Red keeps improving

Kelpie Red's growing up

Red’s finding his feet now. He’s mixing with all the dogs and is not afraid of any of them despite some quite rough playing.

At last he’s trotting happily into his pen (rather than having to be carried in every time) and when he’s let out in the morning, he’ll wait until he’s told to come out, rather than barging out as he did previously.

We’ve noticed that Red waits by the door of his pen to be let out, whereas collies always wait at the point where they get the best view of the person letting them out.

Continued improvement from Red. He’s very bright, intelligent and brave.

Mossie’s growing fast!

Mossie with a football

Now approaching seven months of age, Mossie’s growing fast. This is a very interesting stage with collies. At the moment, her back legs are very long, and her head seems very small for her body. This is perfectly normal as various parts of the body seem to grow in turn, rather than together.

Growing fast, well behaved and exceptionally pretty – what a lovely puppy!

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