Keen Sheepdog Puppy for Sale

Parents are dual registered (ISDS and Kennel Club) and DNA tested Normal for CEA


Every dog we sell is covered by our “no quibble” 30 day money-back guarantee, together with a free sheepdog training DVD if required.

Two young border collie puppies looking sternly at the camera!
What’s this then? What’s going on?
Puppy waving a paw at its mother's feet
The pups are very playful and responsive
Meg's a lovely dog - and she's a useful sheepdog too
Meg’s a useful working sheepdog and a great mum
Border Collie sheepdogs in a group
Eli’s the sire of the pups we have for sale

Please contact us for details of any forthcoming litters

The pups were born on August 3rd and will be ISDS registered and microchipped. They’ve been regularly wormed and Frontlined, but not yet vaccinated.

We’re keeping most of the litter. All the pups make regular trips into the field with us when we’re checking on or moving the sheep. They’ll go behind the sheep to scoop them out of a pen, and will push them away or head them, according to need (as they perceive it) at the time.

It’s all just playing to them at the moment, but with this calm interest and confidence, at such an early age, these puppies will make excellent working dogs and should be easy to train. The only thing that can go wrong will be if they’re allowed to get into a situation that frightens them while they’re still small, but that won’t be the puppy’s fault!

The parents of the puppies are Eli and Meg (see pictures on left). Eli has been our number one stud dog for some years now and his offspring have been very impressive indeed – not only as sheepdogs, but in agility and other canine activities. Eli himself is a wonderful dog; well mannered, biddable, athletic and powerful.

The mother, Meg is a great character. She’s what we think of as a high-drive dog, but she’s affectionate, a good worker and hugely athletic. Both parents are from excellent sheepdog trialling lines and can be seen working sheep.

The pups are well socialised, confident, inquisitive and very active. They mix with the adult dogs, and spend extra time with the younger dogs (who love to help out with the “training”). They’ve been meeting all our visitors since they were just days old, and they love attention.

We’re expecting the puppies will grow into confident dogs with Eli’s very trainable nature (this is something he always seems to pass on). This, combined with Meg’s personality and drive (especially where a Frisbee is concerned) should produce dogs who’ll go far, with careful training. All the puppies are rough coated, black and white.




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