It’s Raining! well, it was…

Kings Green finally managed to have a rain shower early this morning – what luxury!

Field showing the effect of drought on a normally lush, green pasture in the UK
Normally a lush green, but after months with virtually no rain, our training field is badly damaged by drought.

Luxury. I know it won’t be long before we’re complaining that the rain never stops, but this summer has been the driest we’ve known since we’ve lived here. There’s really very little grass to speak of, and it’s only the crop of apples and pears in our orchard that’s preventing the sheep from leaving home, I’m sure.  Even if we get plenty of rain in September, the grass won’t grow much now and we know that our neighbours have been feeding concentrates to their livestock for some weeks already.

On the positive side, however, all our puppies have enjoyed long dry days and plenty of warm sunshine. We bring them out onto the lawn at about 4 weeks, and they start to find their own way out to the field when they’re ready and curious enough, but there’s nothing more depressing than a clutch of wet, cold puppies. This year they’ve hardly seen any rain, which is why Mel’s puppies looked especially “put out” the first time they found themselves getting wet and ran for cover – where they stayed until they were sure the awful stuff had gone away. As it is, they don’t do water – except for Ezra, but he prefers the discipline of the hosepipe, rather than something random that he can’t control.

Today has been dry again, after the excitement of this morning’s rain, but very windy and as a result the young dogs have been quite noisy. Why are dogs, children and horses excited by the wind? It can make training eventful though, as the sheep seem to get caught up in it too, but perhaps in their case the excitement is due to the windfall apples and pears.

As a temporary respite from the training DVD, Andy’s putting together a light-hearted (but, we hope, informative) DVD of “Off Duty” type footage, to be ready by mid-October. We’ve found some fabulous clips of the dogs we’ve had over the last five years or so, and I can’t wait to see it all edited together. Of course, for us it’s a little like watching video of our children, so it’s no surprise that we find it endlessly fascinating!


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5 responses to “It’s Raining! well, it was…”

  1. Heather Monk avatar
    Heather Monk

    Looking forward to the off duty type dvd. I’ve owned the previous BC’s off duty dvd and have watched it countless times over the last four years and the reason I got Marley from you.

    1. Hello Heather, thanks for your comment.
      The new DVD’s coming along well now. We hope to post a trailer on the internet soon,
      Keep your eye on the blog for news of it.
      If we get some worthwhile rain before the winter comes (soon enough for the grass to green up a little) we can continue filming the training DVD – and hopefully finish editing it over the winter.
      If you have a little time, please let us know how Marley’s coming along.

  2. Jane Dorrell avatar
    Jane Dorrell

    Sounds like our weather here. We are supposed to have had winter here in Western Australia and are now progressing into Spring, but I think its forgotten how to rain. Parts of WA are doing well, but where we are pasture is dying and the crops are drying off too. Unfortunately, if we don’t get some rain soon, the grain will shrivel and be no good :(
    Fingers crossed some arrives soon!

    1. Jane, I feel very humble. We complain over here if it’s a little cold – we complain if it’s too hot – and now we’re complaining because we’ve had a few weeks of drought.
      Compared to the stuff you put up with, we really don’t have any cause to complain. I guess it just caught us out. We increased the sheep numbers (for the DVD) and then the grass wouldn’t grow!
      I hope you get your rain very soon.

      1. Jane Dorrell avatar
        Jane Dorrell

        Don’t feel humble Andy, that’s just the way life goes. No one can change the weather much as we’d like too!! and we complain the same as well. All in all we’re really quite lucky here, no tornadoes, cyclones and rarely any major storms where I live, that’s something to be thankful for. Just a bit of rain’d be good!
        We have 3000 ewes and would like to increase that number but won’t due to the rain situation so we will just have to be satisfied with that. It might rain yet, who knows??????

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