It’s clear, border collie sheepdogs love snow!

We ‘enjoyed’ about 4 cm of snow overnight

Sheepdogs playing cause a spray of white snow
Our dogs adore the snow! A somewhat surprised Eli (left) staring at Cabbage, with Pru looking on from behind as the snow flies up in spectacular fashion

Last night we were woken by the sound of our dogs barking so I got out of bed and went to the window to see what the problem was. To my surprise, I realised there wasn’t an intruder, the dogs were expressing their excitement at the large white flakes of snow that were floating down.

This morning when we went out for the twice-daily run, there was great excitement in the yard and the dogs spent a lot of time simply racing around enjoying themselves. It’s great to watch, even though I know that the ground underneath is very muddy, and when the snow melts, our soggy problems will be compounded. For now though, we can enjoy being able to walk around without slipping. Curiously, the snow provides much better grip than the mud underneath it.

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