ISDS registered puppies (SOLD)

Photo of a big border collie sheepdog interacting with a puppy

Border Collie puppies for sale, ideal for sheep or cattle work, and also for competitive agility homes

These puppies are reserved. (NB the puppies in these photographs are typical offspring from a previous Maddie/Ezra litter.)

The parents of this litter, Maddie and Ezra, are home bred. As such, we expect these puppies will have inherited their parents’ high work drive, stamina, and affectionate and fun temperaments. The litter was born on August 11th.

All our collies work sheep, but they’re happy to switch off and play or relax when they aren’t working, making them excellent farming/family dogs.

Previous Border Collie puppies

Our puppies best suit active, experienced homes that will give them the time, training and mental stimulation. They need to help them grow into working partners. Other puppies from this mating have responded well to training. They make excellent sheepdogs and competitive agility prospects in the UK as well as abroad.

Border Collie puppies for sale similar to the ones in this photograph

Our puppies eat raw meat and puppy kibble. They will also happily adapt to whatever style of diet their new homes prefer. They International Sheep Dog Society registered and microchipped. Both parents are DNA tested Clear for CEA.

We actively encourage all of our dogs to play together (when they’re not working) and the puppies will join in with the adult dogs as soon as they feel ready. Our puppies are always relaxed and sensible around other dogs, and also learn important lessons from their “elders and betters”.

Whenever we have Border Collie puppies for sale we try hard to match the right puppy to the home. All dogs and puppies leave with a 30 day trial period. Puppies can be returned to us for a refund if you change your mind, or your circumstances, within 30 days of collection.

Close up photo of Maddie with her ears pricked, looking very alert
Maddie (ISDS 00/347216) is the puppies’ mother

Please read our Puppy FAQ, then email us for more details, and include a little information about yourself and the home you can offer.

Buyers planning to train for sheep or cattle work have a year’s free subscription to our online tutorials. And, of course, we’re happy to offer help and advice as training progresses.

Photo of Border Collie Sheepdog Ezra lying in the grass with Kelpie Tucker in the background
Ezra (ISDS 00/313303)
Tricolour Kay with her smooth coated sheepdog daughter Jet.
On the left, our much-loved Kay (00/293287) is a grandmother of this litter, and Jet (right) is an aunt


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