Ghastly Grass Seed in a Puppy’s Eye

Puppy with a green eye. The dye shows up damaged areas.
The poor puppy looking sorry for itself after treatment.

A couple of days ago, we noticed that one of our eight week old pups had a sore-looking eye.

Normally, we can cope with minor eye problems very well by washing the eye with cold tea, or salt water, but on this occasion, our efforts were in vain.

This morning, the eye was no better, in fact, it looked worse, so we assumed it was infected and Gill took the poor little pup to the vet.

First, the vet looked around in the eye  and noticed what she thought was a piece of grass under the third eyelid.

A veterinary nurse held the pup while the vet attempted to remove the object but it proved very stubborn, so the puppy was taken away and given a local anaesthetic.

The ‘peice of grass’ turned out to be a grass seed which was very large indeed.

The offending grass seed alongside a match (for size comparison).
The offending grass seed alongside a match (for size comparison).

The poor pup was in a lot of pain and needed to be held down by nurses while the vet extracted the grass seed.

Afterwards a green dye was put into the pup’s eye to show any damage that had occurred.

The pup has scratches on her cornea and an ulcer too, so she must go back to the vet in a few days time to make certain she’s recovering fully.

It goes to show that things which seem to be fairly trivial can sometimes turn out to be quite serious indeed. The picture shows the horrific grass seed, together with the nasty-looking barbs which must have been causing the poor puppy a great deal of pain.




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