TOO LATE – for the free caption competition!

Close photo of the face of an upturned sheep

Win a great DVD prize in our FREE CAPTION COMPETITION

All you need to do is think of a great caption for this picture of a sheep awaiting a pedicure.

The person whose caption we judge to be the best for this picture will be invited to choose one of our fabulous DVDs (see below).

Our December Caption Competition was very popular, so we’ve been looking for a suitable picture to get your imaginations working again – can’t wait to see what you can make of this one.

This free competition is open to all readers of the Working Sheepdog Blog.

It’s with a huge sigh of relief that I now declare this competition closed. Honestly, you people! The winner will be notified by email and results posted on the blog as soon as is practical.

The lucky winner can choose a DVD from those listed here!

First Steps in Border Collie Sheepdog Training DVD

First Steps in Border Collie Sheepdog Training

From Chaos to Control“.
Whether you’re a hobby sheep keeper, smallholder, aspiring sheepdog trialler or farmer, this unique down-to-earth and brand new 2xDVD set, clearly explains the natural instinct of the Border Collie Sheepdog and how (with patience, determination and simple preparation) it can easily be programmed to develop into a really useful working dog.

Border Collie Sheepdogs - Off Duty DVD

Border Collie Sheepdogs – Off Duty!

Watch the sheepdogs and cute puppies of Kings Green Farm in action and relaxing together in ways the average pet owner never sees. This program’s a great gift for all dog lovers and children – over 80 minutes of joy for Border Collie lovers! It’s a wonderful film for any dog loving family. You, your children and your dog loving friends will watch it over and over again!

Border Collie Sheepdogs and Friends - Still Off Duty DVD

Border Collie Sheepdogs and Friends – Still Off Duty!

When THIS many dogs and puppies have some time on their paws you can be sure there’ll be plenty of fun – and perhaps even a little trouble! This sequel to “Border Collie Sheepdogs – Off Duty” brings you up to date with the collies at Kings Green Farm, and gives you a lot more too! You’ll see a whole chapter on puppies, as well as the amazing sight of up to thirty sheepdogs tearing around in snow, having the time of their lives! The dog behaviour chapter is a fascinating insight into how a group of dogs organise themselves. The “leader of the pack” is Andy, but the dogs are keen to keep order amongst themselves and are quick to step in if playtime gets too rough.

Entries must appear in the comments section at the bottom of this post – do not leave your entries on Facebook or email them to us, or they will not count towards the competition.

Winning captions will be published as soon as possible after the competition closing day. By entering the competition, you are granting us full permission to use your caption on this blog without further reward to to yourself. (In other words, we won’t pay you for it.)

Andy and Gill will be the judges, and their decision regarding all of the competition matters is final and non-negotiable.

The winner’s prize will be shipped to their home country by normal surface or air mail (as appropriate). Proof of postage will be obtained, and we can bear no responsibility for non-delivery of packages once they have left us. Please be sure to provide your full, correct address if you should be the lucky winner.

Closing date for entries is midnight, Tuesday 28th May 2013 (UK time). The winner will be notified by email and results posted on the blog as soon as is practical.




Watch Pearl and our other dogs in action on this preview of our first DVD Border Collie Sheepdogs – Off Duty! (You’ll love it.) The DVD is available from our Online DVD Store. The price includes shipping worldwide – and we automatically ship the correct format for your country. More info.


21 responses to “TOO LATE – for the free caption competition!”

  1. Chris avatar

    “Ewe’ve got a strange looking hat there.”

  2. Andy hotchkiss avatar
    Andy hotchkiss

    Brings a whole new meaning to a bag of ewe nuts?

  3. Barbara Ryan avatar
    Barbara Ryan

    I’ll just take a quick Selfy for my Facebook page…

  4. julie foulkes avatar
    julie foulkes

    Abit bellow the belt this resting place

  5. Albert Pearl avatar
    Albert Pearl

    Yeah right

  6. shel buckley avatar
    shel buckley

    When you are in the lap of the gods always remain poker faced.

  7. sarah solway avatar
    sarah solway

    Thats what you call getting caught between the short and curlies

  8. Karen Broddle avatar
    Karen Broddle

    ‘If you think I’m wearing these ear muffs in public ………………………….. think again !’

  9. im not sleeping just resting my eyes !

  10. Denise Hanlon avatar
    Denise Hanlon

    If Carlsberg made headrests for pedicures……………………………….

  11. Andy hotchkiss avatar
    Andy hotchkiss

    Your key’s are digging into my head….. I hope..

  12. Tony Geitenbeek avatar
    Tony Geitenbeek

    Do these Jeans make my ears look fat?

  13. Alice avatar

    Loverly, chiropodist, lie back and enjoy. Those dogs will have to be quick after this!!

  14. DonnaK avatar

    “We’ve got to stop meeting like this…”

  15. M Hillen avatar
    M Hillen

    One. Two. Threeeeee. (Yawn). Fffffff…..

  16. Ursula avatar

    I imagined something else when he said “close fitting jeans”.

  17. Laura Ingall avatar
    Laura Ingall

    ‘I must be in Wales’…

  18. Tom Guilfoyle avatar
    Tom Guilfoyle

    “Not the earmuffs I was hoping for.”

  19. Deb Dobson avatar
    Deb Dobson

    Don’t even THINK it………!

  20. debbie williams avatar
    debbie williams

    the boss said we were getting crutched today – I don,t think this is what he had in mind.

  21. kathermans avatar

    “Lie back and think of grass, it’ll soon be over.”

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