Female border collies causing chaos as usual!

Photo of a group of male and female border collies

As usual, it’s the female border collies causing chaos here…

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Chihuahua Alfie has his say

The yard has been in chaos all weekend. Some of the girls have come into season (apparently that’s what happens when females live together in a group) and they can’t play with the other dogs out in the field.

Don’t they make a fuss when they get left behind! Complete disarray and confusion! What is more, I’m afraid that there have been some lewd comments coming my way when I walk past the pens. Of course I can see their point, but it’s so undignified.

The surprising collie soprano!

Old Glen’s singing has been far from chaotic though. It’s become one of the highlights of the early mornings. ‘Howling’, Gill and Andy call it. But Chester and I join in from time to time (if we think we can get away with it). I’m sure the neighbours enjoy the harmony. Actually, Glen’s voice is surprisingly soprano (girly) for a dog of his size, but we’re too polite to say so. We find it adds a certain ‘something’ to the chaotic mornings – very amusing

Make no mistake though Glen‘s a very proper chap, it’s the female border collies causing chaos here at the moment.

There will no doubt be a litter of puppies around the place by the end of January. Don’t get excited though. Without a doubt they will all be boring Border Collies.




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