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Photo of herding sheepdog Mo looking towards the camera. Behind her are two lambs.

There are plenty of ups and downs when you’re training a sheepdog, so take the time to assess your dog’s progress realistically.

If you feel progress has slowed (or stopped) then you probably just need to take a step back and assess your dog’s training progress.

The most common reason for training going wrong is when the trainer tries to move on too quickly. If this is the case, give your dog some easier tasks for a while.

On the other hand, if you set a task for your dog that you’re confident it can carry out, don’t settle for poor work. Your dog won’t improve if you don’t correct it when it does things wrong. Evaluate your dog’s training progress.

Two videos to help evaluate training progress

Here are two short video tutorials which will help you assess your dog’s progress and strike the right balance.

My Dog’s No Good warns against falling into the trap of believing your dog will never make a good sheepdog. If it’s fit, healthy and keen, the only thing preventing your dog from achieving its potential is YOU! So if anyone tells you, “Your dog’s no good!” you probably just need to reassess your training technique.

No Excuses Please takes a different angle – the risks of allowing your dog to perform poorly, either because it’s easier to “just let him get on with it” or because you simply haven’t noticed. Be realistic when you assess your dog’s training progress, but always aim for accuracy and constant improvement. Believe in your dog, and it will reward you well.

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