Featured tutorial – whistles and whistle commands

If you’d like to use a sheepdog whistle, but don’t know where to start, there are two tutorials in the Online Training Tutorials library that can help.

Part 1: How to blow a sheepdog whistle

Photo of a sheepdog whistle against a black background - title image for our tutorial

In The Sheepdog Whistle Andy demonstrates a tried and tested technique to get you blowing your whistle within minutes.

Once you can make a sound from it (any sound) you’ll find you quickly improve, and can begin to develop your own whistle commands. The Sheepdog Whistle tutorial has had lots of positive feedback from people who’ve finally discovered the key to their whistle – sometimes after years of trying.

Part 2: Work your dog on whistle commands

Title image of our tutorial video

Teach Your Dog Whistle Commands proves that it’s harder to learn to blow your whistle commands consistently than it is to teach the commands to your dog.

We describe two methods of teaching the commands so you can pick whichever seems more natural to you. To demonstrate the techniques, Teach Your Dog Whistle Commands includes the actual training session when Andy taught the whistle commands to Bronwen.

The Sheepdog Whistle and Teach Your Dog Whistle Commands can be found in the Whistle category in the online tutorials library.

If you prefer (or need) to watch on DVD The Sheepdog Whistle appears on Volume 1and Teach Your Dog Whistle Commands is on Volume 2 of the DVD tutorial collections.

Our first training DVD, First Steps In Border Collie Sheepdog Training, features The Sheepdog Whistle and covers the basics of sheep, dog, handler and theory to get your training started.

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