Stop the dog barking (FAQ)

Photo of an excited dog jumping up and down at the prospect of getting to the sheep

QUESTION: How can I stop my dog barking when I take him somewhere new, where there are sheep?

ANSWER: Basically, there are two reasons why dogs bark:

1. ALARM – if they suspect an intruder or danger of some sort. If there really is no danger, it helps if you gently reassure the dog that all is well. Alternatively, relocating or adjusting the dog’s living quarters can help to obscure a particular view or lessen the dog’s notion of danger.

2. EXCITEMENT. In your dog’s case, it’s the excitement of being close to sheep (and the prospect of being able to chase them) that’s causing it to bark.

If one of my young dogs barks when I take it to sheep for training, normally the dog will stop barking as I get it under control, and it starts to work properly. In other words, as it’s confidence grows.

How to stop the barking

To stop a dog barking with excitement, is very simple (but tedious).

Take the dog far enough away from whatever is exciting it, for the dog to stop barking.

Then after a couple of minutes of silence, bring the dog a little closer (just a little bit closer) then if the dog is quiet, stop for a couple of minutes.

If there’s still no barking, go a little closer still then stop again – and so on.

The moment the dog barks, take it far enough away to stop it barking – then after little while, move a little closer again.

It’s boring, but it works if you do it properly. For best effect always use the same command whenever you tell the dog to be quiet. It’s important to take the dog further away from whatever excites it, the moment it barks – every time.


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  1. Andrea Rybar avatar
    Andrea Rybar

    Thank you for this answers … but what when my dog barks because I am going to the chicken to feed them or so …. he starts barking when he hears my steps ( or the steps from my sister)going in this direction, or the door of the stable ……. in the beginning when he was a real puppy I let him stay near by … till I have seen his saliva dropping then I stopped it …. what can I do in this case ?

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