Educating Gloria! Sheepdog Training

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EDUCATING GLORIA! Sheepdog Training Tutorial Video.

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Close-up of Trainee sheepdog Gloria lying in the grass
Gloria is one of those dogs that as a sheepdog trainer, I wish I had never parted with. She had tremendous potential as a sheep herding dog. (Click to enlarge).

Hot on the heels of “What Shall I Do Next?” our latest tutorial shows an entire eight minute training session with nine-month old Gloria, a bright, enthusiastic young dog, and some well-dogged sheep.

As well as showing a typical dog in training, warts and all, the tutorial demonstrates some of the techniques that we’ve talked about in other tutorials, such as making use of the training ring; effective use of the training stick; reinforcing the stop, and flank commands; widening the flanks; taking the sheep out of the ring (whoops – the wrong way!) and dealing with gripping.

High drive dog! Gloria jumping fallen trees in a wood
Gloria has a high drive and knows how to enjoy herself when she’s not being trained. (Click to enlarge).

Whilst we couldn’t describe Gloria’s performance as polished, we saw much that was encouraging in her work. Over the course of the session Gloria begins to flank nicely, with no obvious favoured direction, and is keen, confident and committed. Gloria developed into a very capable working dog and, revisiting this lesson, we can see that all the signs were there.

Watch every moment of Gloria’s eight minute sheepdog training session – first in slow motion (half speed) with a detailed commentary – and then at full speed for a more realistic viewing.

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2 responses to “Educating Gloria! Sheepdog Training”

  1. Glad you like the tutorial Deb – unfortunately, there is no footage of Gloria at a more advanced stage as she went to work on a sheep farm in Scotland.
    It can be very trying when you have keen dogs that are strong-willed, but if you persist, you’ll be rewarded – they usually make the best dogs in the end.
    If you watch the “Starting a Strong Dog” tutorial, the dog in that is Tess – and we do have some footage of her later on – in Part 2 of the “Outrun” tutorial.

  2. Deb Maxwell avatar
    Deb Maxwell

    What I particularly like is seeing that it doesn’t all go smoothly and the dog is not perfect. It reassures me I’m going ok, having the same issues at this stage.
    Is there any more of Gloria at a further advanced stage? I’d like to know if she became a steadier dog as she gained experience, as I have a number of dogs like this – fast and don’t want to give in.

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