Drier weather means sheepdog training courses go ahead

Sheepdogs and storm-damaged apple trees in a Worcestershire orchard

At last! Sheepdog training is underway again

There’s been a definite feeling of Spring in the air for the last few days, so we’ve resumed training our own dogs and getting the sheep “fit” for the March training courses.

The lovely face of a Welsh mule sheep
“Was anyone thinking of consulting us?””

Several people have contacted us to ask whether the courses will go ahead as planned, and we’re happy to confirm that they will.

February’s courses were re-scheduled due to the dangerously slippery and heavy ground, so we have four sheepdog training courses arranged for the latter half of the month. I only hope we, and the sheep, will be fit enough to stay the distance.

As you can see from the image at the top, our training field doesn’t look quite as it did at the beginning of the year.

The clean up operation is underway, but with due regard to the little owls, woodpeckers and noble chafer beetles with whom we’re lucky enough to share the orchard. We don’t want the place to look too tidy.

Sheepdog working with sheep
This is when I say, “No I didn’t! I wasn’t aiming for that arch…”



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