Don’t be fooled by appearances

Border Collie Doris gives the impression she's already a great sheepdog but she's not.

If style was skill . . . Border Collie Doris gives the impression she’s already a great sheepdog but she’s not.

Doris is a beautiful young border collie with a fantastic sheepdog trials ancestry.
She was born in September 2009 and to look at her, you’d think she was already keen on sheep.

Far from it. Doris is in fact, very reluctant to have anything to do with sheep at all. Below is a picture of her leaving the training ring a week or so ago.

Doris leaves the ring during a recent sheepdog training session.
Whoops! There she goes! Doris makes her exit during a training session on the 16th May 2010.

She’s not afraid of the sheep. If I lead her to them, she’ll look at them with confidence but as soon as I release her, she’ll quietly make her way to somewhere else.

Never mind, we’ll keep trying to get her to work. She certainly looks the part!



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