Two in a dog house

Victor and Scylla love to share the same bedroom

Victor and Scylla are happy to share the vantage point of an upstairs bedroom

When we first started our collie collection, we had a routine. We’d buy the dog/dogs/puppy/puppies, get them home, put them in the yard and then build a pen around them. Sometimes it was just substantial enough to contain them overnight, and others we used for years.

Herding dogs at rest - Ezra and his litter sister Carew
Ezra and his litter-sister Carew (below) would generally take a bedroom each, but they didn’t argue over who went where

In time our yard resembled Heath Robinson’s early work – before his introduction of hamster power or the buttered-cat array.

Then a few years ago we decided to replace the old pens with a secure design that gave us two bedrooms per run – an upstairs and downstairs.

They’ve worked very well for us. Having two “rooms” means that the dogs who share can either snuggle up together in one bed, or enjoy their own space with a bedroom each.

Anyone who’s shared a room with a sister or brother will understand the importance of having your own space, and in this respect dogs are no different from us.

When it came to it, we couldn’t quite bring ourselves to dismantle all of the old pens because we thought how useful it will be to have a spare room.

Can’t remember when we last had a “spare room”…




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2 responses to “Two in a dog house”

  1. Davina Williams avatar
    Davina Williams

    I think the upstairs downstairs room in one kennel is a fab idea as you say when one or the other need “space” but still want company… Perfect combination.
    Our two border collies Ted and Jane live in the house with us. But that’s easy with only two dogs. But… I’m sure our border collie family will grow and maybe one day they may need to sometimes use a kennel so will certainly build the bunk bed type now
    I use your training tutorials very regular and myself and Ted really enjoy going out to the sheep to practice. Can’t wait for the day we can go to our first trial!

    1. Our kennels seem to work very well, Davina. Glad you like the idea – and it’s nice to know you’re using the tutorials regularly.
      Good luck with the training, and do let us know when you compete in your first trial!

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