Do Things Go Wrong When You Train Your Dog to Herd Sheep?

If you hear of a way to train a herding dog where nothing goes wrong, please let us know straight away!

Ricky keeps control of his sheep during training
Young herding dog Ricky watches every move of his sheep to prevent them escaping. (Click to enlarge)

In the real world there isn’t a reliably easy way to train a sheep or stock dog, because every dog is an individual and can react differently to certain conditions.

Inevitably, when you train a sheepdog, things are going to go wrong – whether you’re a complete beginner or the current World Champion, when you train a sheepdog, it won’t always go to plan. There’s no shame in it but if you understand what’s happening (and just as importantly, how to put things right) it can be an enormous help.

That’s why in our herding dog training tutorials we make a point of showing you things going wrong, how to put them right, and how to set things up so the dog stands a better chance of working correctly next time.

Herding dog Ricky keeping well back behind his sheep
Training herding dog Ricky to stay back and keep control of his sheep. (Click to enlarge)

At the time of writing, we have over thirty sheepdog training videos in the tutorials library and for a very reasonable monthly or annual subscription, you can watch them as many times as you like.

If/when you feel you’ve seen enough, you can easily cancel your subscription at any time via your PayPal account! We hope you won’t cancel though, because we’re adding new and better tutorials on a regular basis. There are a great number of fresh topics for us to cover in the future too – and if you have a specific sheepdog training interest that you’d like us to cover we’d love to hear about it. Please let us know.


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