Do I detect a hint of spring?

Yesterday was such a lovely day!

Closeup of a border collie puppy in the sunshine
One of our puppies enjoying the sunshine

There are snowdrops in the garden and some of the buds on the shrubs are just beginning to grow. It’s still very early, of course (there was heavy snow in the south east yesterday) and things can still get very cold indeed, but every day the days get longer and before we know it, it will be spring again.

I can’t wait. Spring and autumn are my two favourite seasons. I don’t much care for the cold in winter, and I’m hopeless when it’s really hot.

Just before christmas, Gillian bought a Niger Seed feeder. I’d never heard of niger seed but according to the sales blurb, it would attract goldfinches. That can only be a good thing, so when the feeder (and bag of seed) arrived, I quickly found a site for it and put it up.

For a few weeks, it attracted mostly blue and great tits but sure enough, one morning, I noticed a goldfinch busily prising the seeds out of the tiny holes.

Now we have a group of around six goldfinches on the feeder every day. It’s a pure delight.

We did have a slight problem with a squirrel which managed to get the feeder onto the floor but I relocated it much nearer to the house and so far, the squirrel has not done any more harm. If it does, I will see what I can do to deter it. I want to encourage goldfinches if I can.

My father used to call the goldfinch a “seven coloured linnet”. I’ve never actually counted the colours on them, but there are quite a few.




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