Despite appearances, Jack and Dash are good pals!

Dash is a predominantly white tricolour border collie sheepdog puppy

You may not think it, but Jack and Dash are pretty good friends really!

A very good looking young female border collie - Dash

Meg and Eli‘s little girl Dash is a very good looking young collie pup. Although she’s typically fun loving and mischievous, Dash is also very obedient and adores being with people.

Black and white puppy

One of Dash’s favourite pastimes is what she regards as “training” poor little Jack. Here she pauses for a moment as she tries to recall which of Jack’s most vulnerable points she intended to work on.

Dash and Jack playing together rather roughly

Jack’s no pushover though. He’s learned the hard way that surprise is vital when you have a size disadvantage, and does his utmost to catch Dash unawares at every opportunity.

Jack's using his claws - that's not fair

It seems Jack doesn’t have much regard for the Queensberry Rules either. Here he’s using his claws like a ferocious cat – and judging by the look on Dash’s face, it’s very effective too.

Dash has the upper paw again

Dash’s considerably superior weight wins through and gives her the upper paw most of the time. Once she’s able to apply the “Dash Press” to its full effect, even the feisty little Jack can’t escape.




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