Denise Wilkinson’s dog agility star, Tia

Close photo of Denise Wilkinson's Agility Champion dog, Tinker Tia

Our tribute to a remarkable agility dog . . . Denise Wilkinson’s “Tinker Tia”

Dog Agility Grade 7 (Advanced) – ISDS 267931

Denise Wilkinson's Agility Dog Tia competing at Dordale Dog Agility Trials

When Denise Wilkinson collected her eight week old puppy from us, she told us she was going to make “Tinker Tia” into a Dog Agility Champion.

Well, you know how it is, you take these things with a “pinch of salt”.
As time goes by, you forget about it . . . Until one day you get an email (then another and then another) telling you what Tia and Denise have been up to . . . WOW !

  • Qualified for Genesis Novice Agility Final – 2006
  • Qualified for Kennel Club Olympia – 2006
  • Won into Grade 7 Agility (advanced) age 2½
  • Qualified for Burgess Supa Dog Agility Final – 2007
  • Qualified for Burgess Supa Dog Agility Final – 2008
  • Qualified for British Open Dog Agility Final – 2008
  • Qualified for British Dog Agility Team for the European Championships in Germany – 2008

So What’s Tia really like? What gives her that special “something”?

Photo of Denise Wilkinson's Tia lying down with her Burgess Supa Dog trophies around her.
Denise Wilkinson’s Tia with her Agility Trophies. Burgess Supa Dog

As the proud breeders of such a high achieving Agility Dog, we like to think that our dogs are easy to train and quick to learn, so we asked Denise for some comments on Tia’s early days . . .

“Tia after collection? – You sure you want this bit? . . .

I’ve never in my life had such a naughty, determined little puppy.

She’d run into the lounge and in one circuit she’d rip the front page off a magazine, pull the huge rug up and across the floor . . . and on the way out, just for good measure, she’d grab the pot plant and drag it half way across the floor.

Photo of Tia in action tackling the weaving poles
Tinka Tia in action at the weaving poles.

All this was done at such speed you just couldn’t believe your eyes. After that we called her the Tazmanian Devil. (But I’m sure you won’t want to print that bit).

On a more positive side!! She was full of character, really up for any challenge and easy to train. She was so keen – and keen to get it right too.

I always train on a reward basis and she loves her toys. She’s by far the most intelligent bitch I’ve had and will push her luck to the limit.

All these characteristics sound dreadful to the average person, but to an agility person they’re like music to your ears!!

She’s still my little princess and always will be.”

Oh! I See . . . (not exactly the typical description of a little princess!

Photo of Glen, the Sire of Dog Agility Champion Tia
Glen is Tia’s father.
Photo of Pearl, the Dam of Dog Agility Champion Tia
Pearl is Tia’s mother.

To be honest – with those characteristics, Tia would have made a fantastic sheepdog too! Let’s not forget though, that without a remarkable trainer and handler, Tia wouldn’t have attained any of the achievements she has. A special thanks to Denise Wilkinson for all the information on “Tinker Tia”.

Tia is the daughter of
Glen 238575 and Pearl 258969




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