Now Available – A Tale of Two Collies!

Trainee sheepdogs Bronwen and Scylla

Our new Sheepdog Training Tutorials project compares the training of litter-sisters Bronwen and Scylla

Scylla herding sheep at a very young age
Scylla took to sheep herding when barely three months old

They may be litter sisters, but Bronwen and Scylla are two trainee herding dogs with very different temperaments. Both love to play, and both are fanatical about working stock but there the similarity ends.

Scylla isn’t too keen on people and much prefers the company of other dogs, particularly her father Ezra, while her sister Bronwen just loves to be around people whenever she can. Bronwen is obedient and keen to learn, while Scylla is stubborn and so far has shown little interest in complying with anything humans might want her to do. We’re expecting Scylla to be far more difficult to train than Bronwen.

Herding dog with pups
Bronwen and Scylla’s dad Ezra “enjoying” the company of his puppies!

This is a new challenge for us because anything could happen. We’re expecting two very different responses from Bronwen and Scylla because of their totally different temperaments. The first chapter is very near completion and will be available during the coming week but what happens after that we’ve yet to discover for ourselves! Whatever it is, we’ll be recording it and we’ll show you regular updates in our online sheepdog training tutorials.

You’ll be able to see how Scylla and Bronwen compare with each other both during their training and when they’re “Off Duty!” if you’re one of our full members.

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