• Walking the dog around sheep (FAQ)

    Walking the dog around sheep (FAQ)

    QUESTION: Is it OK to walk my dog around the sheep every day? He’s not ready to work them yet but I want him to get used to being near them. ANSWER: Familiarising the dog with sheep or cattle would seem like a good idea. After all, we want the dog to be relaxed when […]

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  • Dog goes out too wide (FAQ)

    Dog goes out too wide (FAQ)

    QUESTION: My dog is generally working well but when I send her on an outrun to gather the sheep, she goes out too far. How can I stop my dog going too wide? ANSWER: Going too wide is certainly one of the better faults a dog can have. Often getting the dog to give the […]

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  • Will my puppy work sheep or cattle? (FAQ)

    Will my puppy work sheep or cattle? (FAQ)

    QUESTION: I have a young Border Collie puppy which I want to use for herding our sheep. How can I tell if he’s interested in working? ANSWER: If one or more of your pup’s parents works sheep or other livestock, there’s a very good chance your pup will too. Probably the first sign you’ll have […]

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  • Calling the dog away from stock (FAQ)

    Calling the dog away from stock (FAQ)

    QUESTION: How can I call my dog away when he’s working in the ring or in a yard? ANSWER: It’s natural for the trainee dog to want to keep working. Being confined in a training ring or yard creates a lot of stress for the dog but, of course, it must come away when you […]

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  • Dog killing sheep (FAQ)

    Dog killing sheep (FAQ)

    QUESTION: My dogs killed a sheep today. I don’t want to have the dogs destroyed, they are working Kelpie X Collie dogs which we want to train on sheep and cattle. What can I do? ANSWER: I’m sorry to hear that your dogs have killed a ewe. I’m afraid this is what happens when people […]

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  • Dog stops sheep going in the pen! (FAQ)

    Dog stops sheep going in the pen! (FAQ)

    QUESTION: I’m trying to put the sheep into a yard but my dog stops them from going in. How can I get my dog to put the sheep right in? ANSWER: This problem is more common than you would think. One example of it is when you first begin to move sheep into another field. […]

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  • Training Huntaway or Blue Heeler ‘driving’ dogs (FAQ)

    QUESTION: I’m getting a Huntaway to work my sheep and cattle. I can’t find any Huntaway or Blue Heeler specific training on the internet. Are they the same as Border Collies? ANSWER: The basics such as general dog behaviour and discipline around stock, are exactly the same. Huntaways and Blue Heelers work in a different […]

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  • Stop the dog splitting the sheep! (FAQ)

    Stop the dog splitting the sheep! (FAQ)

    QUESTION: My dog likes to split the sheep up and bite them. I am having trouble getting her to go round them. Can you help? ANSWER: It’s perfectly normal for your dog to split the sheep up in the very early stages of training. It shows she has the natural ability she needs to become […]

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