Caption Competition – What are the dogs saying?

Border collie sheepdogs, Mel, Mick, Kay, Midge and Eli.
(Left to right) Mel, Mick, Kay, Midge, Eli. (Click image to enlarge)

I took this picture this morning when I was out with the dogs. Gill and I just love the expression on Eli’s face.

Just for fun, leave a comment below to tell us what you think the dogs might be saying.




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6 responses to “Caption Competition – What are the dogs saying?”

  1. Paul Adrien avatar
    Paul Adrien

    Mel:”Look! Kay has a tatoo!’ , Mick:”Wow! So does Eli!” , Midge:”They match!” , Kay:”Eli! I thought you said they were temporary!” , Eli: “I lied.”

  2. Rachael avatar

    Ok you guys keep an eye on the left side, I’ll take the right side and we’ll floor him! Ready?

  3. David Ian Tullett avatar
    David Ian Tullett

    Ho come on Andy give us a break. All you do is stand and whistle, we do all the fetching and carrying. Away with you and comebye later.

  4. David Ian Tullett avatar
    David Ian Tullett

    Sorry Andy but we went for a drink and when we came back they had all gone.

  5. sam barber avatar
    sam barber

    Gather the troops and lets get ready for battle……….. those pesky puppys are on their way!

  6. Lis Lykke Gregersen avatar
    Lis Lykke Gregersen

    Come on Andy! Hurry up we’re all ready for work and just waiting for you!
    Eli: Please don’t tell us that this was it, and that we’re going home now!!!!

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