Border Collie Kay a great worker and a wonderful friend

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Lovely portrait photo of Kay in the snow

Cammen Kay – our unsung hero?

Quietly in the background, with no fuss or bluster, we didn’t always give Kay her due! When we bought Kay, at about one year old, our intention was to train her but not, necessarily, to keep her forever. Yet I think Kay is probably the only dog we haven’t ever suggested we could sell. When Andy first started to plan (as much as we ever plan anything) we picked three … Read More
Closup of Kay looking quizzical

Kay – always there, giving her best

If we’ve had any success in the sheepdog training sphere, we owe much of it to Kay. Kay’s taught us such a lot over the years. She’s one of those dog that somehow just knows what needs to be done, and despite not being in the first flush of youth, and being partially deaf, she’s still a very useful sheepdog. She came to us as a very scruffy one year … Read More
Herding Sheepdogs Bronwen and Kay behind the sheep in the handling yard

Bronwen Rises to Kay’s Challenge

Not to be outdone by , Bronwen took charge of today’s gather and was outstanding Until now I’ve left the bulk of sheep gathering to Kay because Bronwen had a habit of cutting in and bringing only part of the flock at a time. She’d go back for more if commanded, but it was a tedious business, so I usually chose the easy option and sent Kay if there was … Read More
Sheepdogs herding a flock of reluctant ewes and lambs

A Vast Improvement in Kay’s Confidence

The picture speaks volumes! With new-found confidence, Kay’s standing up to stubborn sheep We had another early start this morning as there were two lots of sheep to gather at Dean Farm. We’re “enjoying” a heatwave in the UK at the moment, so I was more than happy to get up at 5am today because I wanted to get the sheep in and draft the lambs out before the heat … Read More
Bronwen demonstrates self control as she watches the sheep coming out of a tight spot

Kay and Bronwen gather sheep at Dean Farm

Kay and Bronwen both look after their own interests at Dean Farm, in totally different ways Whenever I take dogs to Dean Farm to gather sheep for John, the one thing I can count on is that things rarely go smoothly, and today was no exception. Since we parted with Carew a few weeks ago, I’ve realised more and more, how lucky I was to have such an exceptionally capable … Read More
Sheepdog Mo being watched very closely by two lambs

Carew and Kay meet their match!

Our Featured image (above) shows Mo – seemingly unaware of the two lambs behind her! The sheep in Shropshire don’t give up too easily Herding began well on Saturday, when we took Carew and Kay to Shropshire to gather sheep for shearing, but unfortunately the ewes and their lambs were determined not to be gathered easily. Splitting into two or even three groups, some of the sheep literally fled from … Read More
A closeup of a new born border collie puppy

Kay and Ollie’s new family! (Sold)

Take a really close look at Kay & Oliver’s pups Click any thumbnail to see the picture at full size, then click the image to see the next one. Feeding time brings competition for the best places If you must look at my puppies, please be careful. Just a few hours old and already crawling around Kay keeps a close watch as one of the pups learns the basics There’s … Read More
Kay shows her true potential at Slindon Sheepdog Trial

Kay shows her true potential at Slindon Sheepdog Trial

Kay’s excellent performance at Slindon SDT is in stark contrast to that of her handler Jim Cropper had a good run with his wife Shirley’s Ricky – apart from missing the last drive gates. Here Ricky completes the Single I cannot recall when I last competed in an . It must be at least five or six years, but I can’t even remember which trial it was. Last year I … Read More
Sheepdog Carew in action

Carew & Kay compete at Mathon, Carew’s first sheepdog trial

Carew’s first sheepdog trial went much better than expected In there are very few sheepdog trials venues, so we normally have to travel a significant distance to parts of Wales, the north, or south west of England to get a run for our dogs. With all my website, video and sheepdog training commitments, the long distances involved make most sheepdog trials impractical for me. After the “fetch” section of her … Read More
Herding dog Kay driving sheep into a field

Kay helps Carew with her sheepdog trials training

Carew’s in training for a sheepdog trial this weekend We have another local sheepdog trial this weekend (Mathon, near Malvern) and I’m hoping to run both Kay and Carew. Having done well at last weekend I’m happy with Kay’s performance, but Carew is a different matter. Kay starts to drive the stubborn sheep up the field Carew’s not as experienced as Kay and can get confused when she’s not sure … Read More
Sheepdog Carew standing in front of a shed full of sheep

Proper flock work with Carew and Kay

Farm work broadens the dog’s experience and tests the handler’s skill Sheep are all safely in and Carew’s keeps watch Whenever possible, we like to take our dogs out to other farms to work on different sheep, in unfamiliar fields. It’s excellent for broadening a sheepdog’s mind, so when our landlord asked for help with his sizeable flock recently, I jumped at the chance. At 6am this morning, I arrived … Read More
Sheepdogs Kay and Mel relaxing on a bench

Kay and Mel – two great thinkers

Kay (left) and Mel relaxing after work. Having great sheepdogs is an honour that I appreciate more and more. Of course, how you train a dog is very important but there are things that you can’t really train for; things that money can’t buy either. A dog which can think for itself is priceless and we are extremely lucky to have not one, but two dogs which can think. On … Read More
Border Collie Sheepdog Kay

Wonder Dog Kay – what a great day!

Kay put in a great performance on a sheepdog herding course yesterday Kay has amazed me recently. She was wonderful on our sheepdog training course. I’ve trained quite a number of sheepdogs over the years, and sometimes, I think I’ve seen just about everything but Kay was just amazing during our sheepdog training course yesterday. Not only did she work all day with just an hour for lunch but for … Read More

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