All Safely Gathered in

Photo of Kay (lying down on the left) and Carew (standing) keeping an eye on the sheep they have just put into some buildings

Memories of Kay and Carew at Dean Farm on this day four years ago!

Regular readers will know that we often gather sheep for our landlord John, at Dean Farm. This is a typical picture of Kay (left) and Carew keeping an eye on the sheep which they’ve just put safely into a building.

Sheepdog Kay gathering a small flock of ewes and lambs on a sunny day.
Kay gathering a small flock of sheep on a sunny day at Dean Farm

Our regular readers will also know that Carew now works on a dairy sheep farm in the south of England. Kay’s still with us, and working well, but at ten years of age, despite being desperately keen to work, we fear her hearing isn’t what it was. This means we have to send Kay off and hope she knows what we want her to do because once she’s more than about forty yards from me, she doesn’t respond to commands!

Fortunately, Kay usually knows what to do, but it can be very funny to watch her when she gets it wrong. Putting the sheep in completely the wrong paddock is one of the common ones!

We have other dogs of course, but it’s surprising how often we need Kay’s big outrun, especially if there are a lot of sheep scattered over a wide area. The youngsters will have their work cut out to gather a large flock better than Kay.


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