A Surprise Turnout to Move a Few Sheep!

Photo of three herding sheepdogs walking up on a group of sheep

Scylla and Ezra join Kay’s fun!

We only have five acres of land here (about two hectares) and at the moment there are just twelve sheep on it. (More sheep coming soon). Because the land is where we exercise the dogs twice a day for their recreation, we need to be careful that the dogs don’t chase the sheep. Normally they don’t. They learn that when the whole pack goes out together, they’re not allowed to chase sheep.

Occasionally though, one of the youngsters can’t resist temptation any longer (usually Maddy at the moment) so just to be sure, we move the sheep into an enclosure. Of course, the dogs can get through the hurdles, but they seem to offer enough of a psychological barrier to keep the dogs out.

I was using Kay to get the sheep in yesterday, when suddenly Scylla arrived on the scene and began walking up on the sheep alongside Kay. I saw this as something of a photo opportunity, and switched on the little compact camera I carry with me. To my surprise, Scylla’s father Ezra suddenly appeared – and trotted along quite happily with Scylla and Kay.

Now, this is no big deal really except that, as anyone who’s been following the Bronwen and Scylla sheepdog training tutorials will know, Scylla couldn’t be trusted anywhere near the sheep for quite some time, but recently she’s finally started to settle down and work properly. She’s showing a lot of potential as a first class dog. Not quite there yet though – she still has a way to go!


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