A NEW Training DVD and a GREAT OFFER for BUYERS!

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We’re proudly announcing our FOURTH Sheepdog Training Tutorials DVD and a great offer to help you buy more than one copy!

If you’re eagerly awaiting the next volume of our collected tutorials… HERE IT IS!

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PLUS, to celebrate Volume 4 and mark an amazing ten years since the launch of our first DVD, First Steps in Border Collie Sheepdog Training, we’re offering discounts on multiple purchases – from 10% (for two DVDs) to 20% when you buy all five.

The tutorials on Volume 4 are all available online, but we know that some subscribers have internet problems, or simply prefer to watch on TV.

Sheepdog Training Tutorials Volume 4 is in stock, and ready to ship to anywhere in the world NOW. You can buy in one of eleven popular currencies (see the picture above-left) and we automatically ship the correct format for your worldwide location.

So check out our new shop pages, choose your currency, and checkout with your DVDs!


Volume Four looks at new challenges, and goes into some previous topics in more depth, all using explanatory graphics, slow motion, and clear instructions. In just under four hours, 16 chapters cover:

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  • Slowing the dog down
  • Making the best use of the training ring, even for advanced work
  • Back to Forwards – taking a vital exercise a stage further
  • Bronwen & Scylla – further instalments of our training comparison
  • How work can be a reward for a keen dog
  • The how and why of flanking both ways
  • Starting a reluctant dog
  • Why some dogs don’t want to work, and how to spark their interest
  • Top tips for training your dog
  • Further training with “Max the Gripper”
  • Stopping the dog – part 2

But hey? You’ll find lots more information on the Sheepdog Training Tutorials Volume 4 page.


With nearly FOURTEEN HOURS of our SHEEPDOG TRAINING TUTORIALS now available as FOUR double DVD sets, you can SAVE up to 20% if you buy all four, together with our original “First Steps in Border Collie Sheepdog Training” DVD set. More details. OR BETTER-STILL – watch ONLINE!


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