A great little Beardie

Bearded Collie at work
Bearded collie Izzy working sheep.

We don’t see many working Bearded Collies but today we had a super Beardie on the group training course. Izzy is from a Shropshire farm and was a delight to train.

Working Bearded Collie Izzy was a credit to her breed on today’s sheepdog training course.

She was fully focussed on her sheep, showed plenty of courage and easily gathered sheep from a fence. We were very impressed with her.

Flanking well, stopping well and walking up nicely on her sheep, Izzy is now ready to learn to do outruns and gather sheep from a distance.

With some owners coming from as far afield as Essex and the south of Hampshire, the course went very well. Six dogs took part and with Kay in close attendance, we managed to get all of them working sheep although one was a rather late starter and showed no interest until after lunch! The weather was windy but dry and very mild for the time of year. Everyone seemed to have a very enjoyable time but sadly, one owner left at lunchtime, even though their dog was making excellent progress.

Beardie working sheep
Norman Dolphin’s Bearded collie carefully keeping her sheep together.

Midge’s guest appearance:
After the course, one of Kay’s six month old pups (Midge) decided to come and demonstrate her skills with the sheep. She suddenly appeared in the field after escaping from the yard and I was delighted when she put in her best performance to date, right in front of the course members. Like her brother Kevin, Midge is a natural and with next to no training can already handle the sheep with confidence.


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