A glorious start to the new year

Three border collie sheepdogs stalking towards the camera

Despite all the rain, the weather’s been mild and surprisingly sunny for the time of year!

New sheepdog Jan takes a drink from a large puddle
All this running around makes you really thirsty! Jan’s very photogenic

You may have noticed that we’ve been really busy over the holiday period; we’ve been improving the look of the website and adding dedicated comments pages for people to ask questions and leave their thoughts on our tutorials.

The next few days should see the completion of our next sheepdog training tutorial, and after the success of our An Insight into Pack Behaviour video, we decided to give our members a real treat and post a whole lot more footage from our Border Collie Sheepdogs & Friends – Still Off Duty! DVD


Sheepdogs Time Out title image - with two collies and a kelpie lying close together in the grass

As we watched the video, we thought of a great idea for a competition! When you’re training dogs you never stop learning, or adapting the way you work, but we were surprised by what we saw in this chapter. To enter the competition just watch the training chapter through, then tell us what’s changed since we started Kay’s training – all those years ago.

The winner will be the subscriber who finds the most differences, and if you find some we didn’t spot – so much the better!

The prize will be a year’s subscription, either for yourself or for someone you nominate. (For existing annual subscribers, the prize will commence when the current subscription expires.)

Use the Contact Us link to list the training techniques and methods which have most changed since we made this video – DO NOT add your answers to the Comments section for the Sheepdogs Time Out video – they must come to us via email, or the Contact Us page.

It’s not a competition to see how many faults you can find – it’s purely to see whether you can spot the differences between the training methods we use now, and those you see Andy using when he’s training Kay in the Introduction to Sheepdog Training chapter of the Sheepdogs Time Out video.

Closing date for entries is the 31st January 2014. Only currently paid subscribers are eligible to take part. The competition will be judged by Andy and Gill, and their decision is final.


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