A dog in need . . .

Alfie the chihuahua sharing his bed with border collie sheepdog Glen
OK Glen, if you really insist, I’ll sleep on the floor.

Never let it be said that I’d overlook a fellow dog in need (to be honest, at my height it’s not easy to overlook anything).

Towards the end of that cold, wet, snowy fortnight the old stager, Glen began to suffer more than usual from the arthritis in his shoulder. He’s normally quite a buoyant chap, and even if his shoulder slows him down sometimes he doesn’t let it bother him. ‘Til now, that is. He limped stiffly out of his pen, hunched up and miserable, and looked around him as if he really couldn’t handle any more of this weather.

There was only one thing to do, of course. Glucosamine and Chondroitin (though excellent at keeping Glen’s arthritis at bay) can only do so much, so I’ve allowed Glen to move into the house for what Gill and Andy are calling “TLC”.

Glen’s “Time with Liberal Chihuahuas” is certainly paying off. His limp has all but gone, and he looks happier and more relaxed now. And why wouldn’t he? He probably can’t believe his luck at getting to share the place (albeit it in a very lowly position) with Chester and me, and I think it’s good for him to experience a little refinement in his twilight years. It’s never too late to learn, and as Andy says in his training DVD (talking of twilight years), you can teach an old dog new tricks, it just takes longer. He’d know.

Though when it comes to finding the chew hoard (under the dining table) or squeezing into the best bed in the house (mine!) Glen’s proving to be a quick learner. He’s even been known to steal Mousy from under my very teeth! Gill always retrieves him for me (I can’t touch Mousy again until he’s dried, ugh!) and then, as compensation, finds Glen something else to chew instead.

Hold on… I can see a pattern forming…

Surely there can’t be a trace of Chihuahua in Glen? But how else would he have learned such devious tactics?

He’s only a border collie!


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  1. paedisborders avatar

    Alfie was a Border Collie in his last life. Or a Doberman.? Who Knows ?

    Or is Glen a Chhuahua in a Border Collie Skin?

    Dogs learn things that they should not fastest.

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