A dog friendly pub in Caunsall?

A couple of weeks ago I was taken out for lunch by Gill and my doting aunties. They live in Stourbridge, and as we drove over I thought I could guess how this would turn out. You see their idea of a good lunch usually involves mussels and white wine, and the sort of restaurant that doesn’t understand how a cultured Chihuahua will add to the ambience of any establishment. I wasn’t worried about waiting in the car, but I wasn’t looking forward to it. So imagine my surprise when we pulled up outside The Anchor Inn in Caunsall and I was allowed inside.

There are lots of places where dogs aren’t welcome (and given the behaviour of so many dogs, it can’t be wondered at) but at The Anchor on Saturday lunchtime a dog seemed de rigueur. I shared the room with a Labrador and two muddy Jack Russell terriers, and there were more dogs in the next room. It was lovely and warm, and small dogs like me can lean against the heating pipes under the seats and just come out when someone drops something. Perfect.

There weren’t any mussels, which suited me because I’m not keen on seafood (though Chester would sell his soul for a couple of prawns) but The Anchor is famous for its cobs (rolls or baps, depending on which part of the country you’re in). That’s it. The entire menu is cheese, ham or beef cobs* and people flock from across Worcestershire to eat them. They even do takeaways. My aunty Chris knows people who’ve had Anchor takeaways for birthday parties and even funeral gatherings! And having sampled the beef (home cooked brisket that melts in the mouth) I can understand why.

If you want to visit The Anchor Inn (with a well behaved dog or two is probably best) then it’s very close to the canal, which makes a lovely walk for all of you. You can find it here http://www.theanchorinncaunsall.co.uk/location.htm

Gill and Andy are often asked about dog friendly pubs and hotels and, although this one isn’t very close to home, Gill says we’ll be going again and we both recommend it.

*Other fillings may be available, but these are the ones that interested me!


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