A picture to gladden the heart

Group of approximately thirteen Border Collie sheepdogs and puppies all facing the camera
What a lovely sight! All those smiling faces! Front (from the left): Dennis, Bess, Snip and Badger. Carew and Ezra are together at the back, towards the right, with Mel on the far right

I just had to share this lovely picture. When I took the sheepdogs and pups out for their evening walk (well, more of a dash, really) yesterday. The sun was going down, and I carried a small video camera with me in case I could capture some lovely sunset footage.

Well, we were a little late setting off and the sunset evaded me, but the dogs were very obliging and I managed to get them to stand still long enough to take this super picture. I think there are fourteen border collie dogs and puppies here – mostly facing the camera too. They must be getting used to me wanting to take pictures, or film them so often.




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  1. Fourteen border collies. All in one photo. That is a most impressive feat. Lovely blog, by the way. I came by it when looking for a website explaining sheepdog commands that I could use to link from my blog today!

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