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  • Training area? What training area?

    Another picture showing the state of our sheepdog training area!It will be some weeks before we can start training again, so those of you who are hoping to attend training courses, please keep in touch with the blog for the latest news.Meanwhile, please let us have your feedback on the website, and if you have… Read more



    Sadly, our current sheepdog training courses must be suspended because of recent bad weather. It has been snowing heavily and we have been snow-bound for a week. There is no sign of a thaw either. In fact, more snow is forecast over the next few days. In addition to this, because the ground here is… Read more

  • Welcome to the Sheepdog Blog!

    Welcome to the Sheepdog Blog!

    The Working Sheepdog Website blog has been bringing news, and sheepdog training advice and articles to farmers, shepherds and would-be sheepdog trials competitors since January 2010.Since creating the original blog page, we no longer offer sheepdog training courses. Instead, we created over seventy excellent sheepdog training tutorial videos. These have proved very popular with our… Read more