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  • A dog in need . . .

    Never let it be said that I’d overlook a fellow dog in need (to be honest, at my height it’s not easy to overlook anything). Towards the end of that cold, wet, snowy fortnight the old stager, Glen began to suffer more than usual from the arthritis in his shoulder. He’s normally quite a buoyant… Read more

  • I’m in trouble again . . .

    No I don’t mean the picture – that was taken in April 2007 when I first arrived here. When you’re so much smaller than the other dogs (there are about 15 border collies, a great dane and a deerhound x lurcher to contend with) you have to assert your authority right from the word go.The… Read more

  • Who said Chihuahuas aren’t tough?

    I thought you’d like to see this picture of Chester and me in the snow today – and not a dog coat in sight! We both love a good run in the snow (as long as it’s not too deep). The cold doesn’t really affect us – unless it’s cold and wet. That really makes… Read more

  • Elitist? . . Me?

    I can’t believe it, but I’m getting complaints. I’m accused of elitism. It’s not elitism, it’s called noblesse oblige – we Chihuahuas have responsibilities. Chihuahuas are born to be adored leaders, firm but fair (ish). Collies, Kelpies, Huntaways and Corgis, for example, are born to work with sheep and cattle; Labradors collect shot birds (ugh)… Read more

  • Sheepdog in the making.

    Mog may only be very young, compared to some of the sheepdogs, but she’s already started work (well, nursery) and Andy’s extremely proud of her. She can’t do much at the moment, but that’s not because she doesn’t want to – far from it. I can’t tell you how many playtimes Mog’s spoiled by slinking… Read more

  • It’s not that I mind puppies . . .

    While I write this, Chester is sitting on the window ledge, watching the dogs in the yard and shouting out encouragement or disapproval as the occasion demands. Mainly disapproval. I know I said we’d have puppies in January, but it doesn’t mean there aren’t puppies here now. The current banes of my life are a… Read more

  • And as though border collies weren’t enough . . .

    There are two other dogs here that aren’t sheepdogs. Lily is a Great Dope (I mean, Great Dane) and Eris is a half-Deerhound lurcher. Eris (whose name is borrowed from the Greek goddess for strife and dischord – and I’m not surprised) thinks it’s funny to follow me about, ruffling my fur and pretending to… Read more

  • As if we don’t have enough collies around the place already!

    Connie is a rough coated black and white Border Collie Sheepdog. A nice man, who trains dogs for sheepdog trials, drove all the way from Powys a few days ago with some dogs for Andy to see. They seemed to spend the afternoon chasing sheep into pens and then chasing them out again, and getting… Read more

  • Female border collies causing chaos as usual!

    The yard has been in chaos all weekend. Some of the girls have come into season (apparently that’s what happens when females live together in a group) and they can’t play with the other dogs out in the field. Don’t they make a fuss when they get left behind! And I’m afraid that there have… Read more

  • I’m a chihuahua, get me out of here!

    Alfie the pedigree chihuahua – our token sheepdog! I think it’s time to put the record straight. The Border Collies around here are getting the impression that they’re somehow important. Just to explain things, I’m a Chihuahua called Alfie, and with my friend, Chester (a Papillon/Chihuahua cross – I prefer to think of him as… Read more