Training area? What training area?

Photo of a group of sheepdogs drinking icy water in the snow
Thirsty work this!

Another picture showing the state of our sheepdog training area!
It will be some weeks before we can start training again, so those of you who are hoping to attend training courses, please keep in touch with the blog for the latest news.
Meanwhile, please let us have your feedback on the website, and if you have any sheepdog training questions, we will do our best to answer them.


3 responses to “Training area? What training area?”

  1. She’s called Doris – she’s going to make a great sheepdog. Hopefully, she’ll be in the next training DVD.

  2. Margaret Challans avatar
    Margaret Challans

    Love the blog, looking forward to coming for another training session with Tess, ( you may remember us I was the one who fell flat on my back) My daughter bought your training dvd for me as a Christmas present.Margaret

    1. My daughter bought your training dvd for me as a Christmas present

      . . . and I think it’s . . ?
      (C’mon Margaret, tell us what you think – honestly)!

      Yes, I remember you – as I recall, you and Tess did very well in the end.

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