100 Percent Wool – Dry-flat!

Rain soaked sheep in a wet field
100 Percent Wool – Dry Flat or they may go out of shape! (Click to enlarge).

Sometimes, we feel really sorry for our sheep, and today is one of those days. The poor creatures have withstood an enormous amount of rain over the past few weeks, and now they look really sorry for themselves.

I mentioned in yesterday’s blog, that we are working the sheep as little as possible at the moment, because every time they move, they are causing damage to our grass (which is in short supply at this time of year).

Despite the bedraggled look of the sheep though, things are not as bad as they seem – the naturally occurring lanolin in their wool ensures that the rain doesn’t penetrate right through the sheep’s thick fleece, so they are, in fact, generally warm and comfortable despite the conditions.

Probably the biggest problems sheep face in prolonged wet weather are at lambing time (lamb mortality rates soar when the weather is wet) and with their feet. The sheep’s feet are vulnerable to infection in these conditions, so we have to be especially vigilant with footcare at this time of year.




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