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  • What shall I do next? Our sheepdog training programme

    What shall I do next? Our  sheepdog training programme

    Watch our tutorial for a recommended sheep dog training programme. There’s so much for a young sheepdog to learn, but does the order matter? Is there a correct sheepdog training program or training itinerary that will suit all dogs? Every sheepdog, like every handler, is an individual so there are few hard and fast rules… Read more

  • Calling the dog away!

    Calling the dog away!

    However reliable your dog’s recall away from sheep, a keen young dog will often feel conflicted about coming back to you while, as the dog sees it, there’s exciting work to be done. Our new two-part tutorial looks at “Calling the Dog Away”, with Part One, “Using a Refuge Pen” available NOW to paid subscribers.… Read more

  • Teach your sheepdog to stop (or wait, or lie down)

    Teach your sheepdog to stop (or wait, or lie down)

    Train your sheepdog to stop – three tutorial videos about stopping your dog on command. Find out why the dog won’t stop. The video tutorials Stopping the Dog – Parts One, Two & Three take a detailed look at the problems surrounding the stop (or stand, wait, lie down, or whichever command you use). They… Read more

  • Maintaining Control in the Field

    Maintaining Control in the Field

    Watch “Tess in the Open Field” An over-excited and strong-willed Tess first appeared in our Starting a Strong Dog tutorial. By the time we filmed “Tess in the Open Field” she’d made great progress, and proved she was quite capable of working to a high standard, but Tess was still young and sheer novelty and enthusiasm made her inconsistent.  However, it… Read more

  • Tutorial series – Bronwen and Scylla

    Tutorial series – Bronwen and Scylla

    A tutorial series where we train litter sisters, clearly demonstrating the differences in young dogs. Even if you breed your own replacements you can’t be entirely sure what you’ll get! It’s partly why training young dogs is so fascinating. How can litter sisters be so different? You might expect that litter sisters would be very… Read more

  • Training tutorials – the dog and the handler

    Training tutorials – the dog and the handler

    Sheepdog handler training videos for shepherds and of course, sheep dog trainers. Many sheepdog handlers find the early puppy months very stressful. That’s because new shepherds and sheepdog trainers are anxious to raise the dog in a way that will spark and preserve the all-important working instinct. They also worry about the entirely natural desire… Read more

  • Starting the Non-Starter

    Starting the Non-Starter

    Training a dog which doesn’t want to work. Is there anything you can do to spark the dog’s interest? The short answer is “Yes!” Understanding the possible reasons why the dog won’t work is the start to finding the cure. Most non-starters, that is to say dog’s which don’t want to work stock, can become… Read more

  • The training area

    The training area

    Improve your sheepdog training area. Find out how a little preparation can have a BIG impact on teaching your dog to work sheep or other livestock. Two factors to keep in mind when you train a sheepdog are: keep the action close to you, and round-off any corners or spaces where the sheep might seek… Read more

  • Close work with your dog

    Close work with your dog

    A useful sheepdog needs to be confident when it’s working sheep in yards and buildings. A huge outrun might be a sheepdog’s most impressive skill, but any working dog is likely to spend more time on yard work – penning, pushing, holding and loading sheep – than it is gathering them. The outrun will save… Read more

  • ISDS registered puppies (SOLD)

    ISDS registered puppies (SOLD)

    Border Collie puppies for sale, ideal for sheep or cattle work, and also for competitive agility homes These puppies are reserved. (NB the puppies in these photographs are typical offspring from a previous Maddie/Ezra litter.) The parents of this litter, Maddie and Ezra, are home bred. As such, we expect these puppies will have inherited… Read more